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“Just to let you know that I can thoroughly recommend having the bone density heel test. It was quick, informative and value for money. Following my borderline result I mentioned it to the doctor the next time I was at the surgery and they scanned the results graph and accompanying letter onto my notes. I was then referred for a non urgent DXA test to use as a base-line for the future, although by then I had also then discovered that there is osteoporosis in the family. (Had I not had the heel test I wouldn’t have mentioned it to my mother, who then remembered her cousins took tablets for osteoporosis.) The following scan showed that I was osteopenic with the lower spine and the hip joint being weaker that would be expected for someone of my age, although not needing treatment at this stage. The doctor will now be keeping an eye on the situation with another scan after a few years and I have decided to take combined calcium and vitamin D tablets as a further precaution. I already do a lot of weight bearing exercise and eat healthily, but particularly liked a couple of the recipes in the hand out!” – Heather