About The Test

You might have come to this page because
you’ve seen an advertisement
in a university, fitness centre, or
workplace, and would like a little more
information before you have a
test. If that’s why, I recommend you read the FAQ and Disclaimer.
 If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The most important thing to know about this test is that there is good
evidence to support its ability to predict bone density and fracture risk
in your arms and legs (also, importantly, your hips and wrists), but
less evidence to support it’s ability to predict low bone density in the
spine. For most people, this doesn’t matter too much, because their
bone density isn’t too different throughout their body; but for a
minority, it might do. There are some things that increase the risk of you
having different bone density in your spine – unexplained/long term back
pain, height loss, injury that affects the use of the upper body, severe
kyphosis and scoliosis. If non of these apply to you… great, 
it should be suitable!
Finally you might have come to this website because you really want a
bone density test and you don’t know how to go about arranging one. 
If this is the case, why not give me a ring or drop me an email
tell me roughly what area you live in, and I will see if and when I am holding a
testing day near you. I can give you the address and contact details of the
site where I am testing. 
You may have to contact them directly to book the appointment, but this is usually very easily done.
If I am not testing anywhere in the near future that is convenient for you, why not arrange a testing day 
with some friends? I may be able to come and visit you at your home (or one of your friends!). You can even earn

some money doing this; I have also had a number of establishments hosting one of the days with 
the proceeds going to charity. Minimum 
numbers will depend upon how far I have to travel.

this sounds like a viable option, have a look at the information about
hosting a bone density testing day.

07825 556740


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