Who am I and How am I qualified

Well, I am Tracey and I set up bonematters what seems like a long time
ago! It all started when I was starting my masters degree in 2002!
Unfortunately my grandmother suffered with very severe osteoporosis
and my mother also has osteopenia. For this reason, many of the modules
I took in order to pass my Master’s Degree focused upon the disease,
including a case study of an osteoporotic woman for a module entitled
Exercise, Nutrition and Ageing, and a critical appraisal of three scientific
papers looking at the effects of resistance exercise on bone mineral
density for my “Exercise and Health” module.
My final thesis study took place over 12-weeks and focussed on the effects of resistance exercise upon bone density in post-menopausal women. 
For my study, I used a quantitative ultrasound scan (also known 
as QUS) to monitor the changes in bone density of the volunteers: the same test as will be used here.
A number of studies, 
including the one I conducted for my Master’s
degree thesis, have demonstrated that the correct exercise reduces risk
of osteoporosis and fracture risk in later life. It was this, coupled with the
experiences of my grandmother and mother, that prompted me to set up
I have a lot of experience in the health and fitness industry having been
working in it since 2001 and I have been running Osteoporosis Awareness
days like this since 2006. I have also written my own scientifically based
information booklet “Osteoporosis – the silent killer,” which is in general
circulation at the University of Chester, and I regularly give exercise,
nutrition and lifestyle advice to those concerned about osteoporosis and its effects.
I am also a member of Fitness Professionals, and a professional member
of the National Osteoporosis Society. I keep my knowledge up to date with
a regular subscription to Osteoporosis International and Osteoporosis Review.
People who come to me know that my knowledge is up to date, as I am
continually learning new things through reading and research. Finally, as
osteoporosis has severely affected my family, I am very passionate about
helping others to prevent this disease.

Were Have I Tested?

My main source of employment is at universities, where I run testing days
for the staff that work there, through the university’s sports centre, fitness
facilities or well-being teams. I have also tested in private and council run
health clubs, fitness centres and gyms, and workplaces, including
multinational corporations. I have also held testing days at schools and

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